In Celebration of Men

November 26, 2008 – 9:45 am

In Celebration of Men… Tips for Men’s Special Skin Care Needs

The sun shone brightly on graduation day as students and faculty convened for the ceremony at Georgia State University. Three hundred and sixty summer graduates and their family members were eager to hear the words of wisdom from media mogul Ted Turner, president of Turner Broadcasting System and winner of sailing’s highest honor, the America’s Cup.

“The one piece of advice I can give you,” stated the candid and outspoken self-made man, “is to put on sunscreen and wear a hat.” After a stunned silence, Turner confided to his audience, “I’m going straight from here to a skin cancer operation.”

Tip #1 – Wear a Sunblock

Young men, Baby-boomers, retired gentlemen, if you do nothing else to take care of your skin, do this one little thing… Wear a SUNBLOCK – everyday, all day. You don’t want top be laying on the dermatologist’s table having half your nose removed because of skin cancer and regretfully thinking … I could have slapped on a little lotion.

Men don’t typically like sunscreens and sunblock because:

1. They smell like perfume; 2. They are heavy, sticky and gooky; 3. They may cause skin to breakout. Here are two of the very best to try: Glymed Photo-Age Protection SPF 15: Fresh smell, dries non-sticky (almost feels non-existent), used on acne patients so it won’t cause breakouts. It is best used for daily wear (going from your car to the office and home) because it is only an SPF 15. It is both a chemical block (Benzophenone-3) and a physical block (Titanium Dioxide).

COTZ (an acronym for Contains Only Titanium and Zinc) has an SPF of a whopping 58 and is water resistant. It is chemical free and utilizes micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Because it protects against the entire light spectrum (UVA, UVB, UVC, and even infrared) it is excellent for those days when you are golfing, fishing, hiking, boating, etc. It is an interesting product that was designed for the lupus patient, the skin cancer patient, the organ transplant patient, the burn victim, and those individuals who experience allergic reactions to the sun. (You won’t find these products at the cosmetic counter – only from you licensed skin care professional.)

Tip #2 – The Perfect Shave

A man sees his face through his beard. “Is my skin red today?” “Do I have a five o’ clock shadow?” “Did I give myself a close enough shave this morning?” “Do I need to shave again?”

1. Check all shaving equipment for sanitation. All blades should be wiped with 70 percent alcohol before shaving to prevent bacteria from being spread onto a sensitive newly shaven area. Most men get 10 shaves out of every blade.

2. Select a non-fogging mirror designed to be used in the shower and do all your shaving there. The steam from the shower softens the beard and allows a closer and less irritating shave.

3. Always cleanse skin with a water soluble cleanser before shaving to remove dirt and bacteria. Splash with water that has been cupped in your hands rather than putting your face directly under the shower. Water from the shower head is strong enough to break capillaries and make the skin more sensitive.

4. Try using your cleanser as a shaving medium instead of the lather or soap that you have used in the past. Shaving cannot be performed over a cleanser that contains an oil as it may cause the blade to skid. Avoid soap as it dries out the surface of the skin and can contribute to ingrown hair.

5. Never shave too close or too fast. Shaving too fast will cause cuts and bleeding. Facial hair should be cut at the skin line not below it. The jury is still out on the new razors with 5 blades.

6. Use a single edge razor whenever possible and shave in the direction of the hair growth. Start at the least thickest part of the hair growth.

7. Try to shave only once per day. If you must shave twice, use an electric razor for the second time.

8. Try not to shave first thing in the morning. I know this doesn’t seem practical, but here is the reasoning. Eight hours of sleep makes skin puff due to fluid build up under the skin during sleep. Facial hair will stand out more later in the day as fluids subside.

9. Avoid shaving for at least 12 hours after coming in from strong sunlight. Skin is too swollen and tender from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

10. Do not shave before strenuous exercise as the chemistry of perspiration is irritating to freshly shaven skin. If you shave after exercise be sure to cleanse the skin first.

11. Never ignore knicks and abrasions. Apply cold water to reduce bleeding, then apply an antiseptic. Avoid styptic pencils as the ingredients have been known to scar some men.

12. After shaving, wash again with cleanser to prevent skin rashes. Apply water-based moisturizers and non-alcohol-based tonics. (Not alcohol-based after shave lotions.)

Tip #3 – Explore Anti Aging Treatment Options

Today’s business man is concerned with presenting an image that is professional, youthful and full of vitality. Companies want professionals and executives who are seasoned and have experience but they don’t want them to look seasoned. They must look virile and dynamic. The business of cosmetic surgery for men is at an all time high. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, more than 150,000 cosmetic procedures are performed on men each year. The most popular procedures include Botox, hair transplantation/restoration, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and liposuction. There are a plethora of new technologies that require minimally invasive surgery and provide a refreshed look. There are also exciting new lasers out (sometimes called IPL or photofacial) that can dramatically renew your face with little to no downtime. They are truly amazing. Note: They do require multiple treatments for best results.

Great anti-aging spa treatments for men are microdermabrasion, ultrasound treatments, and the Biotone lift (a noninvasive facial lifting done with micro current) that is totally relaxing. Check out all the new technologies that the spas have to offer.

Men’s attitudes are changing along with their role in society. GQ magazine calls the evolving roll “The Quiet Revolution.” The magazines study says that in the 80s men were reacting to women’s demands for shared child-rearing, housework, grocery shopping and jobs. Having worked their way past that, today men are pro-active and taking control of defining themselves and their lifestyles.

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