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Sampar Urban Active is a synergistic blend of high performance, state-of-the-art nano technology and efficacious aromatherapy. Sampar is formulated using exclusive natural complexes, biopeptides, citrus bioflavonoids and essential oils to shield against environmental pollution while helping to repair and renew the skin, restoring a natural harmony. Sampar creates each formula using the Urban Active Complex, a blend of three high-tech and all natural active ingredients: Shea Butter, Mint Leaf, and Plant Sugar & Lactate Extracts. It stimulates the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and strengthens cell cohesion, restoring a natural balance and resilience.



GlyMed Plus is an exclusive product and information resource for clients seeking a smart, scientific approach to regenerating their skin. In an industry filled with shallow marketing claims and products whose packaging is more advanced than its contents, GlyMed Plus’ approach is refreshing: pure science, real information, and no overblown promises.

Jane Iredale


Skinvincible carries only the finest mineral make-up by Jane Iredale. These elegant mineral powders have changed the perception of make-up and have become an integral part of medi-spas world-wide because of their healing benefits to the skin and their ability to conceal flaws. Known as “The Skin Care Make-Up,” Jane Iredale minerals are your foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen all in one. Let our experts design an individualized make-up routine for you that literally takes only seconds to apply and gives you the most flawless look you can imagine.